Friday, May 4, 2007

Difference between Dataset and DataReader : Points to be consider while choosing between the DataSet and DataReader objects

DataSet object

DataReader object

Read/Write access

Read-only access

Supports multiple tables from different databases

Supports a single table based on a single SQL query of one database

Disconnected mode

Connected mode

Bind to multiple controls

Bind to a single control

Forward and backward scanning of data

Forward-only scanning of data

Slower access to data

Faster access to data

Greater overhead to enable additional features

Lightweight object with very little overhead

Supported by Visual Studio .NET tools

Must be manually coded

1 comment:

Isha kapoor said...


I want to read one row(first row) that data reader returns and then do some calculations on it .. and display it and then press the next button(button made) to display next row from data reader

how can i do it!

can u help !


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